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The teacher advised me teeth in Vietnam

The teacher advised me teeth in Vietnam, and on site. Using high-dose antibiotics should be used antibiotics to effective antibiotics, attention to improve the condition. Resolve the root cause, in case of recurrent spit should be removed as soon as possible. After spit though a part of the pus has escaped under the alveolar part of the pus is still deposited so should drain the pus, if the disease progresses to the vicinity of the abces to continue to drain the pus. When the disease is prolonged or irregular, attention is paid to causes such as granulomas, myelitis, dental caries, or death or other causes of asthma. It also means that the chewing force is placed on the tooth. Therefore, most people who lose teeth have to change the eating side. Loss of permanent teeth causes tooth decay. This means that the adjacent teeth on top of the tooth will be shattered, pouring into the gap missing teeth.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Take care of your teeth like the Japanese teeth

Japanese people have long life due to the development of medicine and many effective methods of health care. Especially in oral care, Japanese people are very careful to protect the gums with the concept of “healthy teeth through gum. The series shares the way Japanese people look after their teeth based on the scientific research of nearly 120 years of the Lion Group.

Gingive care to keep your teeth healthy Saigon Vietnam dental implants

The difference in Japanese dental care is that they focus on gums, because gums are closely related to oral health and the health of the whole body. Founded in 1891, Lion – the leading consumer goods group in Japan has spent about 50 years, continuously from 1964 to now to research and develop the line of dental and gum care professionals.

Grooming the right way

To keep your gums and teeth healthy, bacteria and plaque need to be removed daily. Because, the proliferation of bacteria and plaque around the root of the tooth (the area in contact with the gums) will lead to dental diseases such as gingivitis, periodontitis, bad breath, bad breath. The scientific evidence that dental disease not only affects oral health but also increases the risk of diseases such as stroke, cardiovascular disease, preterm birth, and serious diabetes. According to the epidemiological study of the Institute of Odontology Hanoi, up to 60% of the population aged 35-45 with periodontal disease.

The Japanese brush their teeth regularly every two months to ensure that they are clean. In addition, they also focus on brushing properly: brush the teeth fully three front, back and side chewing, when the brush moves gently to not damage the enamel. It is best to brush your teeth three times a day after each meal and before going to sleep. vietnam dentist prices

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