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the pearl is not honed teeth in Vietnam

the pearl is not honed teeth in Vietnam, commonly used as fillings made of composite material or Amalgam material. Composite method is quite a lot of people choose by high aesthetics, fill color is almost 100% identical with your real teeth. In addition, this sealant is not harmful to teeth, great strength and wear resistance. However, not real teeth, composite sealant can last 2-3 years. Then it will turn yellow, darker, maybe even black. Composite shrinkage should be soaked and so too much water can be broken loose. Can sputum be filled and filled in? The pulp is a special soft tissue organization consisting of blood vessels and nerves located in the marrow cavity surrounded by enamel and dentin. The pulp consists of two parts: the root canal (pulp chamber) and the root canal system. The pulp serves as a neurotransmitter and nourishes the teeth.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Braces art the difference between porcelain teeth

Braces are not just rearranging the teeth as beautiful as desired, but also adjust the jaw to help the whole face more harmonious and delicate. Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam

Why should you study carefully and choose a reputable foundation and a skilled doctor to perform braces? This method is now divided into two types according to the processing materials: porcelain teeth and ceramic porcelain teeth. The following article will analyze the advantages and disadvantages, characteristics of each type.

Tooth braces are the most difficult technique in denture restorations requiring physicians to have a high level of expertise, skilled workmanship, good aesthetic vision, and clear treatment plans. The treatment must meet the following criteria: Dental tourim in Vietnam 

Absolutely resolved the situation of chanting, vomiting, mating, abstinence … Manufactured primarily from metals and alloys such as nickel, chromium and titanium, which play the role of a porcelain tooth. The outside is covered with a porcelain layer to help cover the color of the metal inside to increase the aesthetics.

Adjust the two standard jaws

Round jaws are in harmony with the overall face thanks to the characteristic features of the metal, hard and good force, this type of porcelain teeth ensure a good chewing function. In parallel there are shortcomings such as reduced aesthetics after a period of use due to the phenomenon of oxidation of black. Some patients with hypertension are allergic to metal.

High aesthetic result, smile radiant Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Do not relapse after detachment (maintain good results throughout life). Developed and researched to overcome the shortcomings of porcelain porcelain. With the internal frame and outer shell are completely molded from pure porcelain. Therefore, this kind of porcelain teeth possesses many advantages: strong, natural white. vietnam dentist prices

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