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the national exam is also teeth in Vietnam?

the national exam is also teeth in Vietnam?,  as they only react to too hard foods to spoil. But besides that if the user is unaware of the problem of protecting the castle bridge porcelain, their life expectancy will quickly decrease. So then you will necessarily need to quickly restore again will cost more but the bridge itself is not guaranteed to continue in the mouth. Dental bridge for patients with tooth loss is only temporary, not long. Dental porcelain made inaccurately: if the porcelain teeth are not committed commitment, not standard scale, when the ceramic teeth cannot fit into the teeth. Making false teeth is partly due to the synthesis of non-standard function marks, on the other hand is entirely possible because the lab does not have the advanced machinery to make porcelain teeth, avoid making the case more serious, harmful to health oral health

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The degree of darkening depends on the time, the duration of the drug, the dosage and the drug. The teeth can become yellow, brown or grayish. This change in color can occur on the entire tooth or in a specific area, causing the tooth to have different bands of color. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

2 ways to bleach teeth are infected with tetracyclines super effective

To bleach teeth infected with Tetracyline, we can apply laser whitening or porcelain crowns. Application of the method will depend on the specific level of infection:

– For light tetracycline-infected teeth

This can whiten teeth with WhiteMax technology. The new generation of dental er erent laser technology activates bleach, enhancing bleach superiority to bleach. At the same time the drug will go deep into the enamel to whiten deep from the inside out.

Compared with normal whitening, can effectively bleach teeth infected with Tetracyline not equal but still brighten up teeth compared to the old teeth. That is the superiority that not every whitening created.

For heavy tetracycline-infected teeth

In case of too dark teeth, colored stripes or spots due to tetracycline antibiotics, normal bleaching or WhiteMax technology will not be effective. At this time, under the assistance of a dentist, you can use porcelain crowns.

You will choose the white teeth as you like. The holes, defects on the surface of the teeth are also covered with porcelain teeth. Doctors recommend that you use non-metal porcelain teeth for maximum aesthetic effect, avoid color changes and gray teeth later. vietnam dentist prices

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