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The most shared among them teeth in Vietnam?

The most shared among them teeth in Vietnam?  , to stabilize and firmly integrate into the jaw. This time is fast or slow depends on many factors, such as: Doctors team Implant implants are technically very complex, requiring physicians to have a high level of expertise with years of practice to accurately determine the condition, structure and density of each jaw bone. Select a compatible implant cylinder and give the appropriate implants. Quality implant cylinders The higher the implant volume, the faster integration time into the jawbone. Previously, implant implants require a minimum of 4-6 months to fully integrate the implants into the jawbone. Nowadays, the dental implant head has been improved, which is made with the surface treatment technology in the shape of a twist, the outer layer is the biofilm, which helps the integration and the integration process faster only 2-3 months.

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Case 1: If the braces are deep and filled with teeth, you do not need to worry much because the nature is still his real teeth and bacteria have not invaded deeply into the teeth so the braces. can happen normally.

Case 2: If braces are heavy, the rate of tissue loss is high and porcelain crowns need to be worn, the teeth are weak and partially grinded, so care should be taken in the braces. You should inform your doctor in advance so that they know and agree on treatment regimen, do not affect the tooth after treatment, as well as the treatment is faster.

Should braces be deep or not? vietnam dentist prices

Braces are an effective orthodontic treatment for cases such as deviated teeth, enlarged and incisorate teeth, … However, it is best to treat the teeth before the braces to avoid the braces. Regular dentures will be missing teeth function 6. This tooth will be deepened scraping deep wound, then carried out porcelain crown to preserve and preserve teeth. The dental porcelain and internal crown still move during orthodontic treatment, so you can still get the braces completely normal.

This technology convergence 4 advantages extremely superior that conventional braces techniques cannot own concurrent, specifically as follows:

  • The teeth are aligned, aligned and in harmony with the face,

– The most flexible bracing system currently available for orthodontic treatment is achieved in accordance with the schedule that the doctor plans in the treatment regimen, there is no difference and discrepancies after the end of treatment,

– The teeth and bones adapt quickly, ensuring durability and stability after completing the procedure,

– Bracing time is shortened to maximum, which is faster than using conventional orthodontic techniques. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

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