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Noteworthy at the home of teeth in Vietnam

Noteworthy at the home of teeth in Vietnam, Wisdom teeth, also known as dental number 8, usually grows into adulthood (after age 18), but there is no rule of time, teeth shape and tooth root. As the last tooth grows while the lower jaw develops, the number 8 teeth are often deviated and crowded, one of which causes the seizure. The symptoms of the accident are: Muscular aches in the lower jaw At the corner of the lower jaw, hot, red. Visit the mouth: see the number 8 deflections, swollen around the teeth, sometimes swollen to the front of the pillar, pressing when the pus out. Sometimes I do not see the number eight grow because of underground Treatment: If the tooth number 8 is deviated, it must be removed If patients are swollen, pain, fever, mouth open hard to take antibiotics and salt water once a hour. After the use of antibiotics temporarily, have to remove teeth 8 offset, otherwise the disease will recur.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho 6 Ways to Get Your Mouth Ready for a teeth

Pay attention to the breath Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam

Bacteria are the culprits of bad breath, so the habit of brushing and flossing is very important. In addition, we can also use antibacterial mouthwashes or sugarless gum. They can help the breath become instant, and stimulate the saliva to help clean the mouth, especially after eating foods that smell.

Divide life, but do not share the brush

With many couples, one of the most important steps in a relationship is when you start sharing your joys, sorrows and doing the things you love. However, with personal items such as toothbrushes, use it alone, as sharing is synonymous with the same bacteria that cause tooth decay. Dental tourim in Vietnam 

A bright white smile

Nothing is more seductive than a confident smile. If teeth whitening can help you be more confident about yourself, talk to your dentist to find the best solution. You can bleach at home or at the clinic.

Smoking is not attractive Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Smoking causes bad breath and staining of teeth, not to mention affects general health in general. Smoking reduces hearing and smell. Smokers are twice as likely to have dental caries, and are at increased risk for oral cancer. Stop smoking this Valentine.

Do not forget your dentist

Good relationships and visits to your dentist will help your teeth to stay healthy. Your dentist can help with dental care, answer your questions and give you helpful tips to help you keep a bright and radiant smile. vietnam dentist prices

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