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not all our students are teeth in Vietnam?

not all our students are  teeth in Vietnam? ,If not clean oral hygiene every day, harmful bacteria will grow stronger, tartar deep below the gums, causing tooth roots to become infected. To prevent tooth inflammation, you have to implement dental care and oral hygiene: Clean your teeth before going to sleep and after waking up Clean your teeth with floss and mouthwash Do not use bleach and remove tartar on the market. For any reason why babies lose teeth early because of severe tooth decay, premature ejaculation, trauma … can lead to the risk and consequences such as chewing, affect aesthetics, phonics, and permanent teeth. Children under 3 years of age, only use toothbrush for children with clean water without toothpaste because children easily swallow fluoride toothpaste, enamel enamel Important role of milk teeth take care of your teeth.

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What are antibiotic-colored teeth?

Stained yellow and dull teeth may be caused by congenital malabsorption or by overdosage of antibiotics as a child, color contamination by food, tobacco, alcohol, etc. For different reasons, different treatments are available. .

Antibiotics are one of the most common causes for many people. Depending on the degree of severity, people with teeth infected with antibiotics are difficult to whiten but do not mean “invisible cure”. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

What is whitening?

The teeth are made up of three layers, including white outer enamel, inner yellow dentin, internal pulp of the blood vessels and sensory nerves. Whitening can only be done with the outer enamel.

Whitening the moon is to return the original tooth color, removing the color on the teeth which gives her a sunny smile.

Can antibiotic teeth bleach?

Home bleaching methods can only affect the external structure of the teeth, damaging the root cause pigment. Therefore, if the teeth are infected from the inside of the structure of teeth, whitening methods such as teeth whitening, white teeth patches will not work very effectively! vietnam dentist prices

The best way to whiten your teeth is to wear a porcelain crown. This is a method of creating a new porcelain crown substitute for physiologically colored teeth, restoration of infected teeth. Helps brighten teeth. Moreover, physiological dental implants also help improve oral health.

However, to ensure the safety of her need to consult experts and choose for themselves a method of whitening the most effective, while saving costs safely. Accompanying the problem is the oral health, kill harmful bacteria. She needs to care and protect her teeth away from foods that can cause yellowing of teeth such as coffe, cigarettes …. Ensuring a good health, just have a bright white teeth, do not need to bleach teeth but still can be confident and beautiful. Was the girl “auto” beautiful right?

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