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in the account that her husband teeth in Vietnam?

in the account that her husband teeth in Vietnam?, which, if left untreated, can affect overall health. In particular, gum disease in the elderly can lead to periodontitis, oral mucositis. More dangerous, both diseases are progressing very silently, making elderly people difficult to detect early. To understand the state of dental gums, the elderly should visit the periodical every 3-6 months whether or not to lose teeth. If the benefits are unfortunate, experts will provide useful advice and appropriate treatment regimen to help patients quickly get rid of the inconvenience. Eating raw food before eating ripe foods will help to avoid leukemia reactions, protect the body’s immune system.  Hydrating green tea and honey helps to treat gingivitis and ulcers effectively  The effects of deficiency of dental enamel.

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Teeth No. 8, or wisdom teeth, is a type of teeth that grows when people reach physiological maturity, usually from 17 to 25 years of age. As the last teeth usually do not have enough space in the jaw to be able to grow straight. As a result, these teeth are often oblique, grow apart, grow implicitly to other teeth, affecting the teeth around. Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam

Most people who have wisdom teeth experience complex problems with their oral health, sooner or later. But many people are still wondering whether to get dental number 8? Therefore, the decision to have aesthetic filler depends on your own perception of the tooth in your specific case. Dental tourim in Vietnam 

Should not be tooth number 8 han-rang-so-8-nen-or-not Are there two situations for teeth number 8 that will affect whether or not teeth number 8 is to be used?

Most teeth number 8 is not negligible but is deviated, crooked, pierced to the number 7 (very important) next to the risk of tooth 7 is weak and deep in the interstitial between teeth.

The 8th can also be imbedded in the bones, making the bones weaker and more likely to break if a collision occurs. In addition, more than 90% of cases of ectopic teeth are prone to the risk of tooth decay and gingivitis is very high. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

In these cases, you should not maintain wisdom teeth that need to be removed to better protect your oral health. Should the number 8 be used? – Depending on the condition of the teeth

Diameter 8 straight: This case is not common in only a small number of people. This is when the width of the jaw is large and the size of the wisdom tooth is small, so when teething can grow straight in the jaw. So, teeth number 8 does not affect your dental health, in this case just toothen to maintain.

As described, your wisdom teeth are not benign, you should carefully observe the teeth to see if the teeth grow straight, when you chew the chewing force is placed on the tooth. If the gums are tilted, slightly tilted and when the chewing force is not inserted into the tooth proves that this tooth has no value with the teeth. It is best to spit this tooth number 8.

However, it is best to go to a doctor’s clinic for the most accurate and correct facial consultation and help you decide whether or not to get a dental crown. vietnam dentist prices

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