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with admission and participation teeth in Vietnam

with admission and participation  teeth in Vietnam,Tooth decay destroys the hard tissue of the teeth (enamel and dentin) and affects the pulp resulting in pulp disease and is more severe than the area around the tip of the tooth. If not treated in time, the teeth will lose a lot, no longer able to recover can only be removed. Periodontal disease damages the periodontal and gum tissues surrounding the teeth, causing the teeth to become loose and not be held firmly on the jawbone that interfere with function and impedes healing. in the surrounding area. Traumatic facial injuries that cause jaw bone fracture, tooth loss and tooth injury. Diseases and disorders of the jaw bone such as facial and jaw bone cancer, facial nodule …  Ideally, immediately after the loss of teeth should restore the teeth immediately to avoid bad consequences.

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The causes of tooth wear can also be high, probably due to poor oral hygiene habits, frequent eating of acidic foods, or may be due to high bone loss. weakened … And when we know the cause, we will easily find the correct measures as well as effective treatment.

Some of the following options may be given:

Change the chewing face vietnam dentist prices

If the degree of chewing is mild, people should choose to change the chewing surface, ie not to chew on the side that often changes both sides, at the balance of the bite and avoid the situation. deviation of teeth.

Strengthen oral hygiene nha khoa ident

This is the basic solution to reduce the phenomenon of teeth worn chewing face. This is also done through proper brushing, using a soft-bristled toothbrush, fluoride toothpaste to help keep your teeth from becoming sticky. And at least one day brush your teeth twice.

Pay attention to diet, living

We should practice mouthwash with salt water or mouthwash that contains flour, so that will clean the teeth, while preventing the metabolism of lactic acid.

People should also limit carbonated drinks as well as acidic drugs such as ascorbic acid, acetylsacylic acid …

Dental fillings, porcelain crowns in the dentist Saigon Vietnam dental implants

In cases where the teeth worn on the face to chew more severely, people need to quickly visit the dental clinic for advice and treatment in time. And the best option is to brush your teeth or cover your teeth. Inlays and Inlay are the two most commonly used methods when teeth are worn on the face.

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