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thinks that the simple trick teeth in Vietnam?

thinks that the simple trick  teeth in Vietnam?,  teeth Expression of sensitive teeth is when you eat items too cold, hot, sour, sweet, teeth will appear sensitive. By age, the surface of the teeth will be abrasive, enamel loss, leading to the phenomenon of dentin teeth make it easy to be sensitive when encountered stimuli. Therefore, when you suffer from this condition, you should limit the amount of food that stimulates your teeth and acidic foods can erode your tooth enamel. brush your teeth horizontally. Swollen gums, root canal bleeding When swollen gums, accompanied by bleeding, the possibility is due to inflammation. If bleeding is found during brushing or chewing, you should go to a dental center for a doctor’s visit and treatment. If gingivitis is not treated promptly, it develops as periodontitis. oss of teeth for a long time will cause jaw bone, face malfunction, making rehabilitation more difficult.

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Stiff teeth are uneven teeth, congenital tumors or some other causes of permanent teeth replacement. Unstable teeth not only affect the aesthetic appearance of the jaw, but also lead to severe bite maladaptation, which affects the ability to eat chewing gum. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

With outstretched teeth, indentation on the jaw line, cleaning is quite difficult, food is very high risk of intermittent, this is the condition for bacteria to penetrate the plaque on the teeth and cause sick. To overcome this situation, it is imperative to cover dental porcelain teeth is a problem that many people are interested.

Should dental porcelain crowns for teeth?

Porcelain crowns for teeth are one of the solutions also chosen by many people for mild cases of incontinence, without leading to bite defects. vietnam dentist prices

Porcelain dental crowns for dental care are conducted under the examination – teeth grinding – get jaw – make dental porcelain – dental porcelain. In particular, the most important is the operation of grinding teeth, grinding teeth will correct the shape of the teeth, crowns porcelain cover on the teeth will be attached to the real teeth so that the teeth are close together. Operation of grinding teeth must be accurate and correct to allow the correct rate, improper operation will affect the dentin and pulp, resulting in toothache, toothache pain after coating the porcelain.

However, in order to achieve the longest lasting effect, many unsightly cases should be performed using braces. Because of the porcelain crown teeth to more or less still have invasion of real teeth through the operation of grinding teeth. In addition, porcelain crowns for unequal teeth cannot be applied to all the messy and ineffective dental conditions that are not covered by I-DENT. In the method of braces, the condition of the teeth will be adjusted to correct the position as desired without affecting, encroachment and preserve the maximum truth. nha khoa ident

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