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liter gasoline can, unexpectedly teeth in Vietnam

liter gasoline can, unexpectedly teeth in Vietnam,sweet, hot or cold drinks. The process is worse if the dentin inside the tooth enamel is exposed. Dentures protect the internal structure of teeth; pulp, nerve and blood vessels, if the abrasion is not treated will lead to abscess and tooth loss. Both mechanical and chemical erosion affect the appearance of the teeth. Diagnose For mechanical or chemical erosion wear, you should visit a dentist. Sometimes it is diagnosed after a tooth that is sensitive to temperature or sweet food. Firstly, the dentist will find the cause of tooth erosion, and then there is the necessary treatment to stop the symptoms. Delaying brushing for at least 30 minutes after exposure to acid causes saliva to neutralize enamel. Chewing gum to increase saliva proper use of floss and toothpicks. Drink vitamin C with water instead of chewing them. Dentists may prescribe medications that contain fluoride, such as fluoride creams. Treatment

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Recently, because of the heat of the mouth, he discovered that the gums outside the root of the lower teeth have a long white streak, which can be felt slightly painless. I went to see the dentist, the dentist said that only the root and teeth to get. However, after taking the tooth, the streak is still not blurred. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Did you know that this could be a sign of a primary or secondary malignancy? If you have to go back to see the doctor?

Dental crowns often cling to the teeth. If we regularly scrape lime, the tartar is not so much to clean and do not leave any consequences. However, if we do not shave periodontal, the tartar is more and more hard and thickening, causing the gums to become seriously inflamed. Gingivitis, plus tartar deeper and deeper down, causes the gums to fall down, also known as gingivitis.

Depending on how much or less damage the gums are able to recover or not. Normally when the gums have fallen down, even if the tartar is cleaned, the gums do not restore to the original position, thus exposing the root teeth. The white part you see is the root, and the yellowish tartar has been removed.

From now on you should go regularly tart bristles every 6 months, so as not to damage the gum tissue makes the gums fall more. If you do not have regular lavage, tartar continues to cling to your throat and push your gums down, causing more and more tooth decay that can lead to permanent blockage, or worse, to periodontitis, leading to bone loss, periodontal ligaments … can cause many teeth to shuffle at the same time, must be removed. vietnam dentist prices

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